Tuesday, July 28, 2015

This One Summer by Jillian and Mariko Tamaki | Book Review

The artwork deserves a million stars *love struck*. Just WOW!

Given that that was my first experience with a graphic novel, I know I don't have much to compare it to but
I was super impressed with a lot of the scenes where I left the story itself to pay attention to the details. Not that it was a feat as the story wasn't all that gripping.

I hadn't expected this book to be exactly as the title suggests. It was one summer in a girl's life, and it's not one of those crazy, exciting summers where days are for beaches and nights are for partying. She's like fourteen, God. It's a normal summer at a family's cottage, the tales you hear about the locals and their stories, family drama and crushes. So, there're no crazy things happening, no revealing climax, it's was very real.

I loved how I felt like I was spending the summer with Rose and Windy, trying to understand Rose's mother, Alice, wanting to know how specific locals are going to solve their problems. What Rose went through and her feelings towards her life were spot on, the art enhancing that immensely. It's a very transitional period for her, age-wise and family-wise. Also, I so so loved Windy.
[Show Spoiler] I hope she stands out for herself more as she grows up.

All in all, what really stood out for me was the artwork. I'm sure I'll skim through it again for my favourite illustrations and I'll surely pick up another of the cousins' work. Maybe SuperMutant Magic Academy, it looks awesome.

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