Monday, August 31, 2015

Fantastic Four | Movie Review

*Appreciation to all things Miles Teller*
I fell in love with Miles Teller ever since I saw him in the reboot of Footloose *love struck* and of course I’ll be excited about a Fantastic 4 reboot because MARVEL!  So, I’ve been dying to watch that movie, I think it was my most anticipated movie of the Summer.

I really liked it!  I didn’t know what to expect, I mean, in the Spider-man reboot, we basically got the
same thing just in a new way. So, I think I expected better graphics and a little twist on stuff.

NOT AN AWESOME BACKSTORY!  Not the actual origin of the idea, to know the team better so we could sympathize with them. I so so so loved to see where Reed and Ben came from, how they became friends.
(Wow, I just checked IMDB and it’s rated  4.0/10!)
Anyway, I really thought the amount of information we got was amazing, I don’t think we were told anything about the project any  of the actual process to get there in the previous version. I didn’t read the comics so I had absolutely no idea who all those people are except that they did some science that went wrong and not they have awesome powers. I don’t even know which of the two versions is the one in the comics! So 10/10 for the backstory!!

The acting part is a bit tricky. I can’t say I enjoyed Kate Mara’s acting. I watched a couple of her previous work and she hadn’t left any impression on me, I can’t even remember her(I had to look it up). However, in this movie, I have to say I missed Jessica Alba. There was no emotion in her acting. On a scale from one to ten, she was that close to Kristen Stewart!
Michael B. Jordan was a lot better. I have only seen That Awkward Moment by him and he’s a lot better when he’s funny. Being serious, well… let’s just say I felt him acting, I didn’t really buy the serious  stuff. I have to say, also, the fun stuff didn’t really compare to Chris Evans’ ones. Just saying.
I did really like Jamie Bell! What we saw of him anyway. I really wish we saw more of him. I feel like he didn’t have that much of a role in the story.
I really hated Tim Blake Nelson’s character so that means he was really good.

And finally, Miles Teller. You might say I’m a little biased but I really thought he’s the one who really stood out. I felt like he’s the only one who got in character (Toby Kebbell also). I just loved his overall performance and yes, that deserved a paragraph of its own!

Now, to the action parts, I think that’s where the low rating is coming from. There were two main action scenes in this movie: The one where they messed up and got their powers and the final scene fighting Doom. The scene where they went to the other dimension and got their powers was amazing, perfect even, but the other one was… disappointing.  It was highly lacking in excitement and was over almost instantly, as if they ran out of minutes in the movie and decided to wrap it up. I honestly don’t think it took more than 10 minutes for the whole “Doom Scene” to evolve and dissolve! And a second later the credits were rolling and I was leaving the cinema?? What is going on? Where did my epic action scene go, the one they were building up for? It was extremely anti-climactic for the whole thing to be resolved within a few minutes.

So, all in all, I think that was a very good reboot (apparently an unpopular opinion) and I’m actually looking forward to see a sequel if there’s going to be one which, with this reception, I’m not sure of.

Rating: 7/10 stars.

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