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Champion by Marie Lu | Book Rant

(Featured here: All Our Endless Love by The Bird and The Bees ft Matt Berninger. It describes this book perfectly.)

Well that’s not exactly a review, more of a rant, and right at the start I wanna say that this is very SPOILER-Y! Sorry, but I can’t rant and be careful of spoilers so if you want to know what I thought about it without being spoiled then check out my Goodreads review . However it’s a trilogy finale so it’s not a 100% also *shrug*. So…


Now that I had some time to get over my book hangover- because OH MY GOD THAT ENDING and OH MY GOD THE TRILOGY ENDED at the same time is fatal (true story)-, I can finally talk about the book itself.

First, I want to talk about the cover. Seeing the book around and after buying my copy, I thought this was a flower on the cover. After starting the book, I thought "Woah, this looks like fire, doesn't it?". Then, I got to Day's dream and I realized this is a paper flower on fire. Eden gave it to him and then the fire was started by the Republic (I think) soo... what is this saying? What does this symbolize? That the Republic ruins everything? That he doesn't trust the Republic? 

We started this book with Day practically dying because of that thing in his brain. I can’t say I completely understood what happened the day of his trial. I know he got a perfect score so he was taken as a lab rat so they could make the military better *extreme disgust*, I know they ruined a knee and an eye. I don’t know how they killed the ones who failed though, I’m sure it was said somewhere, I just can’t remember at all. (If you know, please comment down below and tell me:* ) . Anyway, my heart was breaking seeing Day unable to do Day-basics! Running, jumping buildings, you know… the usual. What made it worse is that he didn’t have June. I can understand his point of view and personally, I don’t think June would have known how to deal with such a thing, but it really sucked!

June *sigh*. I love her, guys. I don’t care how many times she says that she’s driven by logic and duty, she’s as driven by her heart as much as much as Day. He just shows his emotions. She feels for Thomas after all the things he’s done, she can find it in herself to see where he’s coming from even if she doesn’t understand it. She worries about Anden’s feelings and how stress is changing him more than she worries about the Republic itself. She lost so much yet she’s still standing strong, she’s still sacrificing! She’s AWESOME!

(N.B: I also felt for Thomas for a moment, you know. Marie Lu ruined my sense of judgment!)

I also loved Antarctica! I know, we don’t know a lot about it and June’s concerns are valid. There aren’t set of criteria to differentiate between good and bad, that’s a very blurry line, super-duper blurry line! But, seriously? Living life like a game?? THAT’S BRILLIANT!! And Internet searching was never more fun *awe*.

We’re at the ending’s part…

DAMN COMMANDER JAMESON TO THE DARKEST PIT IN HELL!! Oh, my God, I hate her with every fiber of my being! She’s the true villain here, the source of all evil. I cried my eyes out, ugly bawling, when I thought Day died. I was like “oh no. No. Do not see your mom! You, mom, go away!! Do not see light, Daniel Altan Wing!!”. And then I realized that he lived and I cried even more asking God what I ever did to Marie Lu!!
What was more heartbreaking was June crying over him! She didn’t get to cry like this over Metias and if she lost him then she’d have lost everyone! To the same Commander Jameson!! *serious hate!*

But then he woke up. And she lost him in a whole other way. So, I decided that Marie Lu hates me!

It was amazing, hearing about June’s birthdays, even more amazing seeing that she got with Anden for a while, he deserved to see this through. Of course I cried a little more when she went to see Metias and I had to read it twice to understand that Ollie died :’( . She became friends with Tess (yayy!) who wasn’t close with Day anymore (BOO!).
(N.B: Tess is SO CUTE <3.)
However, the most amazing thing ever was seeing Day *love struck*. Grown-up Day, healthy, laughing with Eden. Eden having back his sight and doing great. I feel like I’ve known these people my whole life, that’s how invested I was in the story! Day seeing June for the (for him) first time was heartbreaking. June denying that they ever knew each other was HEARTBREAKING.

Ending The trilogy with them introducing themselves was

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