Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Cress by Marissa Meyer | Book Review

That was GLORIOUS!

I have this problem when I read a REALLY GREAT book, I become unable to form any meaningful thoughts on it! I mean what was that??

I can't talk about this book properly, I don't know what to say. I just... let's just settle that that was my favourite of the series and that is my favourite series so imagine that!

Okay, okay, I'll get a grip.

I'm absolutely FASCINATED by Cress. Really I can talk about how I love her and about her life and her reactions for this whole review and I'll be okay.  She lives in a satellite and she acts like what I think I would have acted like if I were in her shoes! She's a programmer, a genius one, and she's so cute and how everything she says clicks in the puzzle of this series' world and I can't tell you more without spoiling you. Now on to...

Captain Thorn *huge sigh* *love struck*, be still my heart. I just, I love him, okay? He's so cocky and charismatic and, in his own words, dreamy. I loved seeing more of him and getting to understand him more because what we saw of him in Scarlet wasn't the least bit enough.

[Show Spoiler]

It was super awesome seeing more of the rest of the characters, especially Wolf. I was sure one of those scenes Wolf would cause me to rip out my heart because, he can't just do that to me! Also, can we talk about Kai? That boy desperately needs a hug and vacation and a moment of breath to act his age.
[Show Spoilers]

I stand by my word that Marissa Meyer ’s writing is out of this world. I don’t know how she does it, how she makes it feels so effortless, how she describes everything as if they’re the simplest of things when in reality, it’s very complicated. (Believe me I once tried to explain Cinder to my younger sister and I was so lost on how to do it, she decided to read something else *shameful, sheepish smile*. In this installment, however, what I really loved was how she defied every cliché that plot line was prone to. I mean, Cress is held up in a tower with a very active imagination with only the Earthen drama to give her relationship insights. Even Cress expected the clichés. Marissa Meyer is AWESOME!
Seriously everyone who still hasn’t read this book, you REALLY SHOULD. Everyone who hasn’t started this series, WHAT ARE YOU? GO! NOW.
Can’t wait for Winter but… Can’t this series go on forever? *teary eyes*

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