Monday, June 22, 2015

My Phases | Music

I once heard that once you become 20 or 21, I can't remember exactly, your taste in music is then defined. You like the music that you like at that time. Your age have finally made up your mind on a genre. Yeahhhh, that didn't happen. Music is kind of like your Grandma's house, the more you stay there and look around, the more you'll find new things that fascinates you. I'm still discovering genres and pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone to try new things and I don't think I'll ever stop that.
At least I don't want to. I have been through a lot with music and what I listen to and today, I thought I'll break them into Phases:

 Phase One : (Aka Childhood)
 I think we all started with this one, listening to what our parents listened to on our road-trips and at home. Also, of course there're the nursery rhymes and the intros and outros to my favourite cartoons and Disney movies. I, personally, love this phase and most of the songs that I still remember, I sing with my sisters and see who got it more right. I missed out on The Sound of Music soundtrack, though. I still haven't seen that!

 Phase Two : (Aka High-school)
Naturally, this is my least favourite phase of them all. Apparently, going into high-school listening to the same songs as in your childhood wasn't 'cool'. That's the funny thing about high-school, it sneaks up on you and BOOM, your previous phase is over (not my childhood, I'm still not done with that). I kind of cared what people heard me listening to in that phase, so it's the phase of listening to what's trending. I did it masterfully, but I can't say I enjoyed it. I felt pressured to listen to songs I don't think I liked and I memorized them... I'm not proud of that but it's true.

 Phase Three : (Aka 'cool' be Damned!)
 I have no idea when that actually started but I started listening to stuff that actually mad me happy. I recall listening to "I'm a Believer" by Smash Mouth from Shrek soundtrack and feeling great! So I went to listen to it on YouTube. I LOVE YouTube, just so you know. Then I started a playlist there from the recommended songs and listened to those then the recommended ones ad so on. I still haven't stopped.

 Phase Four : (Aka Country Phase)
Since I listened to so much, I discovered Country Music and country doesn't get its fair share in trendy music, I have to tell you. I loved how country made me feel, how happy I am listening to it. I didn't listen to a lot of sad country just because the happy ones are so AWESOME!

 Phase Five : (Aka John Mayer)
I may leave at that. I had a year, maybe two, of John Mayer. I think his songs tell amazing stories and not like Taylor Swift where she tells actual stories but you can feel the depth of whatever he sings. I love his journey and his character (even if sometimes I don't understand him) but his songs have a special place in my heart and will always do.

 Phase Six : (Aka Now)
Discovering new genres, exploring indie. Imagine Dragons. Bastille. Boyce Avenue covers. Fall Out Boy. Finding about new bands and artists. I think I'm currently preferring British bands... We'll see :D

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