Wednesday, August 12, 2015

July Wrap Up | Music

First, I want to apologize for being inactive this past week. It’s appearing to be harder than I thought this blogging thing… Either way, I’ll see it to its end.

So, finally, I decided to share with you guys what I thought of my July Playlist. I’ve been
pretty excited for this one and tried to cram most of the Summer Songs there, but I was super disappointed!

None of the songs felt like Summer, the
carefree, singing-at-the-top-of-my-lungs feeling was nowhere. How can you call those Summer songs? I liked Selena Gomez’s Good For You and maybe it’s suitable for the quiet, relaxing part of summer.

Of course there were a few that I LOVED like:
·         Beautiful Now – Zedd ft Jon Bellion
·         Fight Song – Rachel Platten
·         Cheerleader – OMI

The rest was quite normal except for a few that didn’t leave an impression and I listened to only once or twice like:
·         Honeymoon – Lana Del Ray (But I’ve found that her music appears in one of my certain moods and it’s not a good one for I wasn’t entirely rooting for her)
·         Can’t Feel My Face – The Weekend
·         Like I’m Gonna Lose You – Meghan Trainor and John Legend
·         Chasing The Sun – Hilary Duff (That was its second chance in my monthly playlists just to be sure I don’t like this type of songs anymore :s. It’s all about phases.)

The way my monthly playlists work is that halfway through the month, I add more songs that randomly come my way or suddenly remember. I might add some from the previous months that stuck with me, they’re not all new songs. Some will go all Country, sometimes I decide Alternative Rock should stay another month.
Last month however I ditched the whole playlist for this one:

I wasn’t enjoying the playlist at all, as I’ve already mentioned, so I decided to tend to my huge disappointment with some of my favourite songs and I happily enjoyed the rest of the month.

This month is turning out to be a good one and since we’re already halfway through it, I’ll be quick to show you my August Playlist and here’s a hint why I’m liking it: BEA MILLER!

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